Mai Van Dang Company Limited (Mada) is an experienced manufacturer of parts for motorcycle, bicycle and automobiles for Vietnam and the regional market. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have confirmed our position among leading parts suppliers, being an expert in mechanical engineering.

    Located in an industrial area of 20,000 hectares, Mada is well equipped with a wide range of machinery for most of metalworking process, such as stamping, bending, welding, painting, plating. Having well trained staff, skilled workers and dedication for quality, we are selected to be suppliers for such international brands as SYM, LIFAN…Our own brand MADA has become well-know to Vietnamese and Asia clients in the replacement markets. We have also been selected for support by JETRO and the CBI, Netherland, for continuous improvement in various aspects.

     With commitments to consistent quality, timely delivery and long-term partnership, Mada is looking forwards to working with you in the near future.

Our motto is:

           - Strict quality

            - Absolute competitive price

            - Delivery on time

            - Warranty seriously

            - Build trust famous brand 

Vision & Mission 

     - MADA's vision: MADA always see our direct competitors, so we campaign relentlessly to always confident conquer every competitor

     -  MADA’s mission: Making the around environment cleaner , communities of population have a better life.

    - MADA considered people as the focal point for all the development of the company, so people are contantly trained and developed

Technology & Management systems:

- Technology:  MADA focus on investment into technology to:

• Develop new products in - house

• Design and fabricate the mold in-house

• Owns an excellent coating surface technology

• MaDa specializing manufacturer in the steel material by the technology of stamping, bending, welding, painting and plating

 Management system:   ISO 9001:2008, Kaizen 5S.