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Nhat Trang

"Do you desire anything?". I asked. Mai Van Dang eyes light up: - I just wish there was a production premises. Issued, they would not turn. His business! Just dare to ask the province or city directly hired a space large enough and stable to deploy manufacturing.

Inquired the way to the Mechanical Co., Ltd Mai Van Dang, a sister city of Tong said: "" the shore "? There! General Marshal of Nam Dinh!". In 1995, working at the Group of Nam Dinh, he moved us, stand up for combined production motorcycle muffler.The identity of "the Party" from it.

A worker and four square meters
Entering the house is worth, I flooded the air production. Piled from the lobby, fills the hall, filled to take space in the same, except for a small simple room, used as a reception room and transactions. Worth hesitate forehead:
- I sympathize, office, place of production, storage, housing, as well as here. Tight too!

Where you have tight? 200 square meters of floor floor, upstairs again. But for many, the width of still tight. I like it when you choose busy, freezing produce this type of color. And Mai Van Dang, Director of the Company is the man of action, of work.Expeditiously and tight. Of At Hare he very few words, said that firm and ripe.

The beginning, this is just a combination of production motorcycle muffler. Products accepted by customers. Worth maintaining, improving old items, expanding production by about two dozen motorcycle accessory items. Called value "accessories" is probably more correct. Retail products are not on the market, but the new pool large enough supply contracts. His customers, whole class: Intimex, VINAFORT, VIEXIM, commercial joint-stock company - Hai Phong services ... A provincial private companies that start with what you like, as well as rare.

- I have four manufacturing facilities, Dang said. Sorry, not me, but rather I hired four facilities to produce. Two of which are owned unit of excess space, lack of production, one private and one at home.
Worth me visiting factories, nearly 400 workers, producing scattered in four, with a total area of ​​1,660 square meters. On a modest area, is installing more than 3 billion of equipment, machinery, all kinds of modern: Welding, press force, cutting machine ... Separate stages, are showing off his system plating in northern head of the table, which is the input of Enthone-OMI, a multinational conglomerate based in Singapore. Out, all of the workers being managed operations on an area of ​​more than four square meters, including equipment!

Production situation, as has often been noted. Inspection times always reminded, mouth, text. General labor regulations is safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, fire ... all worthy destination! But every time: I know, listening to me, promised to fix, and then ... to it.

Not because unfortunately money with no space to follow! Unfortunately, the incident short-fires, accidents such, the Directors are to go to jail too! But the loss of value elsewhere. You are class types. Production premises look like, if they dare signed big contracts? In the country temporarily for past columns prestige, quality. Foreign countries where they understand. Recently, several delegations of China, South Korea to. Then they left. Worth dumbfounded because unfortunately. I stupidly took a few days!

Still have to wait
The story between us silent for a moment. Then hit the circuit reflection, is more exciting:
- The trend of integration for businesses not breathe anymore. Say anything to procrastinate. According to the roadmap af-ta (AFTA), tariffs of up to two and three had to be reduced to 0 to 5 percent. Then the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement went into effect. China is both the on-dual-currency-cells (WTO). Their strength to his. Deadly challenges. We stand idle hot spot.While I rented premises, they reclaim any time; big investment should not dare, do not dare to sign long-term contracts. Value back to the problem of the production. Yes, back to the ground. Before his burning, I opened a good sign: the province has decided to invest in building industrial parks. I also have a registered place. That is good news, but not perfect, as it does not have to wait. There correctly. Have to wait. Industrial parks rapid end and two, and three to complete the infrastructure: Roads, electricity, water supply, waste water. I give Dang considered Decree 90CP (dated 11/23/2001 of the Government on development assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, which comes to the surface). Worth mentioning: I also have in my possession, with research, especially Article 8 (in terms of production - NT), are hoping the spirit of the early 90's come to life, soon to base. So both Concentrated Industry, both Decree 90, still have time. Wait. That to he af-do, to his Vietnamese-American, do not start now is no time, missed opportunities. Miss suicide. It has been said many opportunities and challenges.I understand the, underlying challenges within the Assembly, and the same opportunities, not independent of the chance! We have prepared up that opportunity? "His salary workers?".

"I'm glad this account." Worth fresh necessarily to answer, "the top of the province, an average of 840,000 VND / month. Their insurance else? Insurance clause? There is no, not that!". Technologies are evasive, I doubt. But when explained, I understand: the company's product Mai Van Dang advanced of its kind, requiring high quality and precision. Nearly ninety percent of value, which is skilled, scattered before working in the factories of mechanical and manufacturing of state-owned. There are not enough of them to do work for him, the month salary deduct a portion of insurance premiums in the old unit, keep payroll rate.Someday the old ownership and mode. So! There is no and that was that!

"State budget?".
Put my old accountant accounting reports: in 2000 paid 1.9 billion, and this year will be two billion! Two billion budget! Top always! If compared with the revenues of the 336 existing private enterprises across the province is 23 billion.

A wish
I mentally calculated: Each month is worry over half billion to pay workers, pay utility bills and the budget ...

- Yes. But is within reach, maybe even more. I cherished intent: From spare parts, convert to cluster production motorcycle, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Industry. Then from the motor switch to agricultural machinery manufacturers, the market is very big. Objectives are feasible, lies in the ability of equipment and workmanship is of my company. But I also calculated. Considerable fall completely down, then say the message, then:

- Same hometown Yen, for his particular okay. I am getting ready to "run" away. Well "they" have promised to give me a stable ground, to retreat but lost. I should go, but every vicious two hours home. From Thailand, to repatriate that because home: user production premises, because their hometown; then because my family home party consultants, investment

(Source: Labour No. 10 dated 11.01.2002)

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